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Getting Back on the Blog Wagon (again)

 Dec 5, 2010  |   Filed under: Meta, Personal  |   Tags: Blog, Change, Meta

I'm back on the blog wagon with an old/new blog. I had to close down my blog for a couple of months because it got hacked due to me not updating WordPress frequently enough. In the process of restoring my blog and setting up WordPress again I decided to change the name and location as well. I have several reasons for doing this starting with the direction of the blog. The direction has changed over the years and I now want to move it even further towards the craftsmanship and business of software. The general topic will be agile/lean, software development and entrepreneurship. I'll leave all my old posts as reference, fun or trivia. Some of them might be relevant and some may not.

I also think that the old name, "Freedom Taking Over", and the old domain don't make much sense in this context. That’s why I've decided to move the blog and rename it to "The Zuul Cat Idea Brewery" or The Zuul Cat Blog for short.

w00t?! You said! That makes even less sense.

I would like to tell you the story of Zuul Cat but it's rather long for an introductory post; I think I'll save it for later. The short version however is that I once worked in a project where we used to put fun pictures on our SCRUM board both for fun and as small motivators. One of those pictures was Zuul Cat. Zuul Cat watched over the process and reminded us to play tuff, "Der is no Fluffy, Only Zuul". He reminded us to stay on track and true to the process and keep pushing change.

Zuul Cat stuck with me and when moving the blog somehow Zuul Cat seemed a good fit. Besides, it sounds cool!