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It's Not the Face, It's the Brain

 Feb 5, 2009  |   Filed under: Business, Meta, Software Development  |   Tags: 3rdParty, Blog, Change, Meta

Finally we have a new layout.

I spent about a week messing about with the layout of this blog. It was a really painstaking flashback of PHP, HTML and CSS all mangled into each other and intertwined.

Last night I took everything I had built during the week and threw it away. I settled for this nice wordpress theme which someone else built. It's not unique but it's clean, simple and customizable. And it gets the job done.

The point is, when you are doing something custom that doesn’t add to your core domain, the part of your product which separates you from others, then don't do it. Find something that is a decent fit and solves the problem, then move on to working on your core domain.

The face is not the core here; the brain is. There is really no point for me to spend days on the layout. Somebody else has already done that and maybe for them this is a part of their core domain.

PS. If you are wondering about the "Der is no Fluffy, only Zuul!" line, it's a caption from a lolcat that is currently guarding our scrum board. I had to put something there to make the layout look nice so I went for the lolcat .DS