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We All Make Misstakes

 Jan 30, 2009  |   Filed under: Meta  |   Tags: Blog, Change, Meta, OffTopic, Philosophy

EDIT 2012.04.28: I have removed all the old post completely. If you want to read them drop me an e-mail and I'll happily send you a copy.

We all make mistakes and we will never be able to prevent that. It's what we do after we have made a mistake that counts. If you take charge and do what has to be done to fix what you broke, people will forget the actual mistake and just remember how well it was handled.

The key is to be honest, admit your mistake and do everything, and I mean everything, in your power to fix it.

I have made several mistakes on this blog one of them was merging my travel blog into this blog. I regret doing so since I really don't want this to be a cat-blog. I finally figured out that the theme of this blog is about me as a professional software developer and everything that touches remotely on that subject.

To fix my mistake I have moved most of my personal posts to a static archive and removed them from this blog.

You can find the moved posts here:

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