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Code Aid Still' Live and Kikin'

 Jul 23, 2007  |   Filed under: Software Development  |   Tags: CodeAid, NonProfit

It's been a while since anything substantial happened with Code Aid and I guess I am the one to blame. So I admit that I'm a bad person and take full responsibility for everything. I've been somewhat busy doing meaningless, worldly, materialistic, evil things, like working so I haven’t been giving Code Aid the attention it deserves and for that I am sorry. Can we move on now?

Code Aid has actually had a very positive response. We are now a total of 5 members (If you haven’t joined yet just sign up here). Many of the participants have been e-mailing me during my "busy" period and wondering about the status of the project. Also Tobias Hskansson took action and started working on acquiring an actual project, I don't know how it went but it's positive that members are taking action.

I've decided to free up some of my time for Code Aid activity, if I could I would work with Code Aid fulltime but I have to do something to pay the rent as well. The next step for Code Aid is to get some real projects going. Preferably we should start small so we can prove that the concept works and get to know the Code Aid team. A successful project could become a good reference for Code Aid and if we succeed we could get some good publicity. I have started two e-mail template pages (Swedish, English) on the wiki. It would be nice if we could work together and compose an e-mail template which we can use to e-mailing organizations.

The first step is to start collaboration with one or several organizations that can help us in finding projects. I think that starting close to home is the easiest. We should try to contact local organizations that work with developing countries and try to aid them in their work.

On a side not I have been looking into Ruby on Rails a lot during my "busy" period. I think rails would be a perfect tool to use for Code Aid projects that require web applications. The framework is free and works well with other open source software, this gives it an advantage when compared to technologies like .NET which more or less require Windows (unless you run it under mono).

I will also extend the deadline of the project to the end of this year. It was previously set to 7th July but since so many people have had a positive reaction to the idea I think it's worth giving the project a bit more time.

Let’s make this one count.