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Do You Travel With Gear?

 Jan 18, 2007  |   Filed under: OffTopic  |   Tags: Tech, Travel

Then you just might be a flashpacker!

It turns out that there actually is a word for people like me and it's not neo-hippie. It all started when I bought a new bag for my MBP from Waterfield. I ordered the Sleevcase with all the extras, although I haven’t received the bag yet a friend here at the office has one and it’s awesome. This bag is great if you only need to bring your laptop and don't want to carry a large bag. Besides it is so slim it fits inside a large bag which makes it awesome for traveling. So i figured since I'm going to ADC (Apple Developers Conference) in Stockholm the 2 of February and my sleevecase is on the way I should probably get a larger backpack to pack the Sleevcase and other stuff in (35l or so). So naturally I started to Google the web for "laptop backpacks". Thats when i bumped in to the term flashpacker.

Here's how Caren Jacob defines it in her article Flashpacking - the new way to backpack:

Don't worry a flashpacker isn't some student backpacking Europe flashing people and it's not somebody that packs very quickly or anything else you might imagine it to be- flashpacking simply is backpacking with a lot of high tech gear.

But it wasn't until I came across the article The Backpacker is Dead! Long Live the Flashpacker! that I realized that I'm actually a flashpacker in disguise.

I have for year resisted the urge to bring tech equipment on my travels. I have always wanted to bring all kinds of crap, but usually I settle for a digital camera, music player, extra batteries, and charger and so on. Basically I usually bring everything except a laptop. But now that my laptop is so lightweight I'm looking for a bag so I can bring it as well. If you read the article at and compare it to me, it's evident. So after all these years of resisting I will finally give in to the urge, I Martin Mazur am a flashpacker.

If you too feel you are a flashpacker or you would like to get started take a look at Flashpacker Guide to Packing, in 10 simple steps it describes all the shit you just have to bring.