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Agile Is Like....

 Dec 14, 2006  |   Filed under: Software Development  |   Tags: Agile

It's been a while since I wrote anything but I'm not dead (at least not yet). I have several different posts which I'm working on; most of them are about Agile Development and stuff related to that topic.

Just so all my readers (all two of you) won't leave in search of greener pastures I will post a quote by Jim Coplien from Öredev 2005. I'm quoting of the top of my head so I reserve the right to miss-quote.

Agile is like teen sex.
Everybody is talking about it.
Very few are doing it
and those who are, are doing it badly.

-- James O. Coplien

There’s some food for thought. On another note my company has been discussing to start a blog, if we do it might be the death of "Freedom Taking Over" since I would be moving there instead. Until next time...