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That's Just Like Your Opinion Man...

 May 22, 2006  |   Filed under: Personal  |   Tags: Freedom, Opinion, Theory

Wedding RingsLast Saturday we had a bachelor party for an old friend of mine. Yes, he is getting married poor thing. Although I myself see marriage as something that locks me in, deprives me of my freedom, a lot of people (most people actually) see holy matrimony in a different light.

During the later hours of the party and after the party I had a quite interesting discussion with another friend. We talked about a lot of different things and I must say he made quite a few valid points. One part of the discussion which at first seamed to be quite offensive, later when thinking about it, actually makes pretty good sense. In the middle of everything he states that he understands Hitler and what he did but he doesn’t share his view. At first this seamed quite shocking. I have always seen Hitler as evil incarnated. But here is this guy sitting opposite me at the table smutting his wine and chewing his beef stating that he understands Hitler.

Giving his reasoning deeper though it isn't as offensive as it at first seamed. The statement merely says: "Yes, Hitler did evil but I get him and his choices". Just as I get other people and their choices. But it doesn’t mean I share those choices.

Now this in some way promotes freedom of though and action for others. By thinking like this he allows others to have their opinions without being opinionated himself.

Doesn’t it seam less offensive now? It probably doesn’t. Why is this? The truth is that many people think that not being opinionated is the same as having the wrong opinion, but is this really true?

Now after this I can say, I understand people who get married and I understand their choices. But I still have a long way to go before I'll understand Hitler.